English - International SEO Optimization in Russia from Saint-Petersburg with love!

From Saint-Petersburg with love!
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Hi all!

My name is Mark, I'm the chief of SEO Optimizer of Dynamic Creative Company. You are on the main page of English version of the site.

For whom it was created?

It was created for foreign professionals who intend to enter the Russian Internet market. If you look at the most of Russian top sites, you will see that they are all owned by Russian companies. It would be extremely difficult for you to enter  into our "runet" without any aid.

Why all this?

The problem is that Russia's main algorithm engine’s search is quite different from Google. Besides,   the Russian people differ in mentality.

If you want to promote your sites in Russia, you must have two things:

1. To know well the Russian language

2. To have excellent knowledge of the SEO promotion

As you might guess now, we are just such a company.

Well, what are the goals that we pursue in our communications with foreign citizens and what is our help to  reach a new level in the Russian Internet market?

Our goal is to become a global company with honest partners throughout the world. We share with you our experience and knowledge, and you share your ones with us. All is fair and honest.
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How to start to work with us?

Just email us here  Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

How much will cost our services?

There is no specific price. Instead of money, we want to offer you a partnership and cooperation, as well as the development of international relations for us and for you.

And yet, if we are talking about money, we are ready to take on your project with a budget beginning from 10,000 euros.

Why should you choose us?

- We are strong professionals and love our work

- We are honest people

man -02What are our guarantees?

We guarantee an honest implementation of all works that have been negotiated. All the nuances will be written into contracts which will be valid and recognized internationally.

Be sure that we will be your best partner in Russia.

Just a little more about St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg - is a large, growing megapolis. Our city is widely recognized as "the cultural capital of Russia." We know a lot about the European culture, and we love it. But we do not want to imitate anyone. We develop our culture in our own way and are very fond of our traditions and history.


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